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Novembre 2017 at the Clervaux Castle

We interpret the world around us according to our personality, our experience and our cultural background. This means that two people can contemplate the same object and see two totally different things. This functioning of the human being and the human mind becomes clear when people of different cultural backgrounds must agree on complex and subjective topics as religion, gender equality or the education of children. 


Through this exhibition, we wanted to show that we perceive our environment through the prism of our personality and demonstrate how subjective our interpretation of the world is.

  • Manager: Fabienne Colling

  • Target audience: Urban centres in rural areas. Tourists, residents, employes/employers.

  • Durée du projet : Novembre 2017

  • Funding and support: Clervaux Municipality Grand Duchess Charlotte Artwork - Call for Project
    Respect ING Luxembourg.

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