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Size/size: 70x70cm

Weight: <3 kg

Technique: Acrylic printed on Plexiglas

Payment options:

  • By Paypal: Send the amount of your choice (minimum amount displayed) to

  • By bank transfer: Pay the amount of your choice (minimum amount displayed) on LU61 0141 9568 5870 0000 (CELLLULL). The artwork is reserved for you for 7 days pending confirmation of payment. Afterwards, the art piece is put back on sale.


Delivery options:

  • You can pick up the artwork yourself at our office in Luxembourg-city at 15, Côte d'Eich (and have a coffee with our team :-)

  • We deliver the item at the address of your choice in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (delivery date to be agreed together).

We do NOT send by post (neither to Luxembourg nor abroad).

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