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Career entry of refugees and asylum seekers: The abyss between theory and practice

University access for asylum seekers and refugees leaves something to be desired in Luxembourg . For job seeker refugees, there are more measures compared, but they often do not work out in practice. Fabienne Colling (president and director of Touchpoints) and Martine Neyen (project manager at Touchpoints) see a need for action.

"People without a university degree often do not even have the opportunity to find suitable occupations," regrets Fabienne Colling.

woxx: How easy is the career entry for refugees and asylum seekers in Luxembourg?

Fabienne Colling: There are certainly measures to get those affected into work. Only the corresponding steps do not run smoothly in practice. There are several hypotheses why this is so, such as language barriers. This has been partially confirmed in our previous work, but we also encounter other reasons. Click to read more

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