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Business MeetUps At Feuerloft

In numerous cultures around the world, it’s important to eat together as a family. There are numerous surveys and research pointing to the benefits of this practice. But, what happens when this is imported to a corporate environment? In part, this question was what drove us to meet with Feuerloft, a chimney and deco production company. The local company prides itself on its team’s familiarity. For instance, they play ping-pong in the office and cook/eat lunch together.

Participants of the meetup - which connects budding entrepreneurs with real ones - also learned about the challenges they have faced and the solutions implemented. For instance, Mr Tobias Weber, the CEO, spoke about the challenge of managing a team member who’s work fell short. This was a problem for the whole team, he said. At first, Tobias tried to ignore the situation, hoping it would resolve itself naturally, but it didn’t for more than a year. “I spoke with him and everyone could notice, he wasn’t happy with his job,” he added. Eventually, the employee was let go. This was a difficult decision to make and implement for obvious reasons but important for the company.

As with most companies, selling is a challenge. The internet opens up many new opportunities for sales. However, if not properly used, a company can lose important resources as well as potential customers. This was their case, according to Sandra, the company's PR and marketing manager. “We spent so much money trying to sell to the wrong people.” They analysed what was being done wrong or not enough and decided to narrow their online advertising. As a result, they managed to increase their sales very quickly.


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