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Employment Best Practices and Legal Obligations in Luxembourg

The Touchpoints Business MeetUps of the 17th November on the topic of employment best practices in Luxembourg was a valuable gathering that brought together budding entrepreneurs and small project creators. The event saw the presence of a knowledgeable lawyer, Mr. Michel Di Felice, from the Chambre des Salariés, who shared insights on employment matters in the country.

The discussion was engaging and informative, covering various aspect of employment regulations, contracts, employee unions and rights in Luxembourg. Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and gain a better understanding of how to navigate the complex legal landscape.

As per the usual, there was delicious lunch for all participants. This time around, Traditional Ukrainian cuisine was prepared by Iryna Chernenko and her husband Andrei. The couple are currently working on setting up a restaurant project in Luxembourg.

In summary, the event was a success, offering participants a platform to enhance their understanding of employment regulations while enjoying a friendly and supportive atmosphere.


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