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Small Business Accounting & Taxation - Best Practices and Legal Obligations

Maintaining a proper bookkeeping and meeting the legal tax obligations are of immense importance for small business owners and sole-proprietors. This was evident by the high number of participation in our Business MeetUps event dedicated to the topic on Tuesday 27 June 2023 at the FNEL Scouts & Guides Center in Luxembourg. Also present at the convivial business event was a team of expert accountants from the Luxembourg-based accounting firm, Schwärze Kamm Gruppe.

The convivial business event, without doubt, was beneficial to most participants, seeing a wide range of questions asked and consultations made. Thanks to accountants Julie Koenig and Saber Brakta, participants learned about simple strategies to employ in maintaining a balanced book and meeting tax obligations. Similarly, the experts offered advice on how to choose an accountant or an accounting firm to work with as entrepreneurs.

As usual, there was delicious lunch for all. This time, it was prepared and served by Jawid Modasir, an Afghan entrepreneur in the process of creating his restaurant in Luxembourg.


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