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Social Media For Small Businesses

The importance and advantages of using social media for businesses are numerous. However, in order to receive good results such as sales leads and market recognition, some vital points should be considered and implemented. These were the subjects of our MeetUps business discussion event held on May 17th at the FNEL Scouts & Guides Centre in Luxembourg.

The convivial business event intended to inspire and inform budding entrepreneurs had in attendance about 20 entrepreneurs at different stages of implementation of their projects. Also present was Ms Christine Thull, the co-founder of the German-Luxembourgish company, Die Pinatas, experts in online and social media marketing. She offered her professional advice and practical strategies for result oriented social media campaigns.

During the event, participants had the opportunity to pose questions and discuss different points peculiar to their individual projects. Usually, a MeetUps is incomplete without good food. Delicious Korean cuisines were made and served by Mrs Mi Hee Lentz-Pak, an entrepreneur with an events management and catering services project.

Whereas Ms Thull offered several practical steps that can be taken by entrepreneurs to increase their social media reach, she cautioned by way of a reminder that social media come from the word, 'social' thus, the more social activities (conversations in this case) a post generates, the more visibility it gets.


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