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The Young and Determined Who is Unafraid to Take Risks

Immediately you enter the restaurant, the serene and beautiful atmosphere make it obvious how much work was invested into its creation. But what’s less obvious is that Shamali Restaurant at 18, Rue Maximilien in Echternach, is owned and operated by the 23 years old Afghan, Kawian Azizkhan.

His attention to detail is noticed in about every aspect of the restaurant, all geared towards the satisfaction of local families, students, the wine-loving people of the Moselle River and the Afghanistan and Middle-East communities in Luxembourg. Since its test-run, Kawian has had to contend with numerous challenges including COVID-19 restrictions. True to the spirit of an Afghan, he remains determined to make his restaurant worthy of its clients' highest ratings.

After all said and done, “what is a restaurant without delicious healthy meals”, you may ask. This is another area Shamali Restaurant may be tipping the scales compared to other oriental restaurants in Luxembourg. Although the menu is limited, the plates are rich and delicious. Asked why he cares so much about making clients enjoy a good time at the restaurant, Kawian answers with a smile, “I know these people and they know me. If my food is bad, or my services are poor, it will be personal and bad for our community”.


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