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Touchpoints Asbl Hosts Final Business MeetUps Event with Elena Gromova

On Tuesday, June 25, Touchpoints Asbl hosted its final Business MeetUps discussion event featuring esteemed fashion designer and entrepreneur, Elena Gromova, founder, Fashion Business Lab. The event took place at the vibrant Syrian-styled restaurant Chiche! and attracted around 30 participants, all of whom are small business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs.

The discussions delved into Elena Gromova's entrepreneurial journey, focusing on her experiences in building her fashion brand, No.Rainer, in Luxembourg and her effective sales strategies. Her insights provided valuable lessons for the attendees, many of whom are navigating similar paths in their business ventures.

Adding to the enriching dialogue, Marianne Donven of Chiche! shared the inspiring growth story and employee co-ownership model of their restaurant. The event was a cultural mosaic, with more than 20 nationalities represented among the participants. As usual, the lunch was delectable, contributing to a warm and engaging atmosphere. It was documented in photography by the talented Ukrainian artist and photographer, Tatyana Popyk, founder and creative director, Tanita Photography. Whereas, a short film (45s) was created by the highly regarded artist, Vargha Sobhan Naderi, co-founder and creative director of Naderi Photography.

Touchpoints Asbl is proud to have facilitated such meaningful events since 2017, fostering connections and providing a platform for knowledge exchange among Luxembourg’s  culturally diverse community and especially for BPIs, newcomers and third country nationals. 

Touchpoints Asbl is stopping its activities by June 30th, 2024. But we are happy to announce that as of September 2024, the organisation, Lëtz Art ASBL will be continuing the Business MeetUp Events under their new project for budding entrepreneurs “TRICOT”. For further information, feel free to contact Uyi Nosa-Odia through


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