Pilot Project INTER-C

In order to facilitate integration into the labour market, Beneficiaries of International Protection
(BPI) receive assistance from public authorities and social sector associations in finding
work. Once they sign a work contract, however, assistance is terminated because the BPI no
longer appears to need support. However, in truth, genuine workplace integration and
cooperation within teams seldom proceed automatically. Experience shows that reciprocal
apprehensions and misunderstandings, gaps between expectations and reality, and unclear
motivations on both sides can lead to premature termination of labour relations and
disappointment for all parties involved.


With this in mind, the Touchpoints association and the EPI Foundation have decided to pool their expertise
in a pilot project under the name INTER-C (like interculturality, but the “C” also stands for connection,
cohesion, creativity, coaching, etc. ...).  The stated objective is to build sustainable employment for BPI’s
and successfully include them in the labor market, with a view to reciprocal benefits for the host society
and the newcomers. To this end, Touchpoints offers tailor-made support for all parties involved within the
company, aimed at clarifying expectations and laying the foundations for lasting relationships.

The INTER-C project is also available to companies that would like to combine a hiring project with social
action, helping them to find candidates among BPI’s who are looking for a job. Listening to the needs of
businesses, Touchpoints forms connections within a vast network of associations involved in the reception
of refugees. Individuals working in these structures know a lot of migrants available for employment; they
are therefore well placed to assess the suitability of their profile with the positions offered. It should be
remembered that the candidates all have the right to work in Luxembourg. Their motivation to engage and
contribute to the well-being of their host society is generally very high.

Project manager: Martine Neyen

Target audience: Medium-sized companies that are willing to hire Beneficiaries of International Protection.

Funding: The project is carried out thanks to the generous support of the André Losch Foundation.

Project partners:


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